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90-year-old receives birthday wish


Emma Loo Bell was born on June 22, 1923, at home in Morgan. Over the course of the next 90 years, Emma Loo travelled the canyon many times making comments how she thought it would be fun to ride in a semi-truck. For years she thought it would be fun to sit up high and be able to see more. Shortly before her birthday, Emma Loo’s granddaughter Trudy Toone called to tell her she had a birthday present. Emma Loo quickly told Trudy that she didn’t need a gift. But Trudy knew she had the perfect gift that wouldn’t require wrapping. Trudy had arranged a trip for her 90-year-old grandmother to have her dream ride in a semi-truck. On June 22, 2013, Emma Loo woke up to her 90th birthday with anticipation of doing something she had never done before. She waited on the lawn with her brothers Tom and Lee Welch. Then John Wilkinson came to pick up a load unlike any other. The spry senior citizen reported it took three men to get her into the cab that sat higher than any truck she had been in. It was really exciting, Bell said of getting into the semi. The dream ride took Emma Loo around Porterville, Richville, Milton, back through to Morgan and ending at the LDS Field Street Church, where a group was waiting for their matriarch to arrive in style. The group consisting of her brothers, children, grandchildren and family friends celebrated with a beautiful cake. Instead of candles filling the traditional birthday dessert, Emma Loo’s cake was skillfully decorated by RayDell Giles with 90 written in frosting. She was also thrilled with M&M’s with her name on every one of them. While initially she had told her family she didn’t want a party, and told Trudy she didn’t want a gift, she was thrilled with the whole day. She enjoyed everyone getting together on a happy occasion to visit and celebrate together. When asked she said the key to living a long and happy life is to count your blessings and be happy every day. She feels blessed to be healthy and to have her family, two of her greatest blessings she counts. She feels like she has lived a good life and now is being watched over by her family. Emma Loo was thankful to her family for making it such a special day and was particularly thankful to Wilkinson Construction and John Wilkinson for making her ride possible. They are very good people and do a lot of good in Morgan, she added.

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