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County repeals impact fees


Morgan County’s capital plans from years ago were so far-reaching that they haven’t been able to spend impact fees on the desired big-ticket items. In response, the Morgan County Council repealed impact fees for fire, emergency medical services and police until a new capital facility plan can be created. Morgan County Councilman Robert Kilmer made the motion with the understanding we can create a new plan and reinstate this at a time we feel it is more appropriate. The recommendation is to not charge impact fees until new growth warrants the construction of new capital facilities, Morgan County Clerk/Auditor Lafitte said. In the meantime, the county must spend the impact fees they have collected since 2006 soon or risk having to return them. At the end of 2012, $10,000 had been collected in fire impact fees, $5,000 in emergency medical service fees, and $82,000 in police fees. The balances reflect impact fees that have been collected since 2006. If the county does not use the money collected in 2006 soon, it may have to return that portion of the fees. The situation has the county looking to come up with a more appropriate capital facilities plan. We need to stop the bleeding so we don’t keep adding to the fund balance, Lafitte said. The challenge is what to spend the money on. If we are not coming up with enough money to do something, we need to quit collecting the money, Councilman Austin Turner said. Kilmer suggested the fire, police and EMS pool their impact fees and spend it on storage facilities. He asked the sheriff to bring the council a storage facility proposal.

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