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Council repeals zoning designation, rezones two properties


Before officially repealing the Central Development (CD) District zone, the Morgan County Council approved rezoning two pieces of property from CD to Commercial Shopping (CS). The council agreed the CD zone, which the Johnsons have been working under for their proposal of commercial and residential uses is cumbersome. Planning and Development Department Director Charlie Ewert said Dewayne Johnson’s Mountain Green Village proposal for 105 acres has shown the limitations of the CD zone. We are better aware now, Ewert said. The CD zone is a very cumbersome zone intended for the establishment of a town center. He said all commercial zoning designations are currently under review, and the current CS zone may even change in the future. He said the county may consider a new town center zone in the future to better suit the needs of the county. The Nye’s Glass building, Aspen Meadows townhomes, Dee Jaques property, Watersprings property and Johnson property all in the Mountain Green area were zoned CD. The council voted to change the 2.45-acre Jaques and 5.48-acre Watersprings property to the CS zone. The change means the zoning allows the property to still be utilized for future commercial uses, but takes away much ability for the property to be developed for residential use. Jaques agreed with the change, saying he was only concerned his property remain commercial. His property was zoned CD in 2003, and he has been paying commercial property taxes on the land ever since. Jaques property is to the west of Old Farm Market, which is currently zoned CS. Following approval of the rezones, the council voted unanimously to repeal the CD zone.

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