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Local soccer team wins national championship


Local girls Logan Duran, Kenadee Stout, Haylee and Talli Gardner and Alexis and Savannah Van Orden spent their summer on the soccer fields with their La Roca team. These girls have been playing together for four years now and they are a sight to behold when they take the field. This year’s journey started clear back in February when the all girl team won a tournament called the President’s Cup that was held in Mesquite, Nev. In this particular tournament the group played against only Utah teams. This win qualified the girls to compete in the regional President’s Cup tournament in Boise, Idaho. During their field time in Boise, they competed against teams from all across the Western United States. After winning games against President’s Cup winners from Southern California, Idaho and Nevada, they took home the regional title. Winning the honor of a regional cup entitles a team to compete on a national level. This year’s championship game was held in Auburndale, Fla. The group competed against the top three teams from three other regions of the country. Our Utah team consists of girls from 13-17, but other teams were co-ed. Of the 40 teams that played in this championship game, our local La Roca team was the only team to finish the entire national event undefeated without being scored on. That in itself is a huge accomplishment and assured them the ultimate title of National President’s Cup champions. The girls travelled over 6,200 miles to achieve this goal. The parents and the girls all made huge sacrifices to make all of this possible. All that aside, when you as each parent and each team member if they would do it all again_the answer is a resounding, In a heartbeat. Parent Shannon Stout said, It was awesome! A really neat experience for all the girls. The team was awarded a big trophy and plaque to put in the La Roca office, national championship shirts and hats and a medal for each team member. Kenadee Stout said it was super fun and her favorite part, of course, was winning the game. The La Roca team would like to thank their sponsors for all their support. Goldenwest Credit Union, Morgan branch; UYSA; ER Machine Tool Service; Personal Choice Golf and Clothing; The Peterson’s; Beehive Homes; La Roca; and Soccer Connection.

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