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Milton Roundup unites community


The second annual Milton round up brought past and present Milton residents together to celebrate the community and to unite residents of the oldest area of Morgan. Pioneer day was an appropriate day to join in celebration at the Milton Park. At the peak between 450 and 500 people attended; but with five hours of entertainment, families were coming and going throughout the evening. Many, however, enjoyed the full night’s events. The celebration began with children’s games where little ones could toss bean bags, kick soccer balls, and knock over milk bottles to win tickets that could be traded in for candy prizes. As the children ran between games and the bounce castle, many of the youngsters sported faces painted with butterflies, flowers, animals and more after stopping by the face painting booth. Kids also climbed a rock climbing wall and took pony rides while adults visited with neighbors and long ago acquaintances. The arena that inspired the first Milton Roundup last year let riders carry the American Flag during the grand entry as Bob Peterson’s familiar voice sang the national anthem. The arena also allowed for many of the activities during the night including the pony rides, horse demonstrations, and the livestock scramble. The livestock scramble brought nearly everyone to the side of the arena to cheer on the children participating. Reminiscent of olden times but as exciting as ever, a dozen or so 13- to 15-year-old boys and girls lined the fence as a greased pig was released. They dashed, chased, raced and slipped at the chance to catch the pig doused in cooking oil. In the end, Weston Stegelmeier caught the pig and won $25 for his swine abilities. Next the 16- to 18-year-olds entered the arena. However with small numbers and younger participants vying for the chance to chase a pig, it was opened up to different age groups. With a large number of children running after the pig, Wade Schmidt won the $25 prize. After the pigs were safely removed from the area, chickens and little kids were released. Three different chicken chases were held for different ages with three chickens being released during each chase. The winners of these chases actually took home a chicken donated by Todd Thurston. Some families readily took their chicken home and others worked out other living arrangements for their new feathered friends. The magnificent Clydesdale horses have long been a part of the Milton area and Thurston family. Todd Thurston drove a team of the giant horses and pulled families down Morgan Valley Drive. Several hundred participants tried their Milton knowledge with challenging trivia. The David and Adriana Giles family got the most answers correct and won the competition. Not surprising considering they pooled the wealth of knowledge among the Milton history buffs in their extended family. The grand prize for the trivia contest was a folding chair David immediately set up and sat down in. The family also received a large WINNER medal they plan to hang in the living room for a period. Their son was particularly excited about winning the medal. Pioneer stories were told to a large group who had sought shade near the bowery and trees. Milton was founded by pioneers and is still full of their descendants. The evening ended with adults and children dancing to the Milton classic Nelson Brothers Band. As Kenny Nelson, Lee Nelson, Brent Nelson and Howard Hansen entertained the crowd with their music abilities. One of the committee members, Bob Harvey, worked hard for months with the rest of the committee to ensure everything would go smoothly. He was very pleased at the support of everybody in the community to help. It was 100 people working together to pull it off, Harvey explained. It was truly a community event. Gavin Jensen, another committee member, especially enjoyed seeing the kids playing and having fun. Jensen was happy to have all four of his kids occupied at the same time. Activities and visiting engaged the young and old throughout the night. The committee took donations throughout the evening to build a monument and restore the old school bell that now hangs at the park. Donations are still being taken by Clay Rich. The Milton Roundup brought the residents of Milton past and present together to celebrate friendship, history and heritage. This activity gave area residents a chance to connect with the past and forge and solidify future associations.

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