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Business Spotlight – Family Tree


By Ryan Windley I want to share with you a local business that provides a relaxed atmosphere, great customer service and quality of life, all while providing a desperately needed service to our community. Unfortunately, this business won’t be patronized by many Morgan residents for many years to come and then it will be under difficult circumstances. What business is this? The Family Tree Assisted Living Center. Our family placed my grandmother in the Family Tree 16 months ago. Needless to say, this was a difficult decision; but once we found the high level of care and how loving and attentive the staff was, we felt much better about our decision. Over the last year we’ve had a lot of quality time with Grandma. The family has spent many Sunday afternoons visiting in the lobby and attending her birthday parties thrown by the Family Tree. She’s still been able to participate in her favorite pastimes like attending DUP activities and giving piano lessons from the comfort of her own room. As much as we’ve enjoyed having her at the Family Tree, it wasn’t until circumstances placed her in another care facility for what may have been until the end, that we realized we had to get her back to Morgan. It wasn’t that this care facility was any worse than other care facilities; it just wasn’t The Family Tree with staff who love and care for her. After only one day there, we moved heaven and earth to get her back home to Morgan and to the Family Tree. Our family would like to thank Jenny Francis, Michelle Hunt, Kristi Barlow and the wonderful staff of CNAs and other employees that made Grandma’s stay comfortable and have given us something invaluable_piece of mind.

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