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Mtn. Green mom spearheads effort to help teachers


As school bells are days away from ringing, children are gathering supplies from lists the schools have sent out. While they are not mandatory, the items are purchased by able parents to ensure a successful year for their student. Teachers have been readying classrooms for pupils throughout the district and thanks to generous citizens, a dozen classrooms will be well stocked without the burden falling on the teachers. As children stepped off the bus at the end of last school year, the county was in a buzz over the voted leeway. While it was hard to agree on which vote would best serve our community, most agreed that the schools needed help in some form. Brainstorming solutions became a regular topic for groups of concerned residents. Seeing that teacher morale was low, Mountain Green resident Kristi Orn decided she was going to do something about it. She requested lists of supplies teachers would need this year. She knew she would not be able to supply teachers on her own, so she made a call out to area residents. Their response was generous. Posting lists on Morgan Moms, a popular facebook group, and placing jars throughout town, Orn gathered supplies and money as well as volunteers to aid in the cause. A dozen teachers requested items ranging from play dough for first graders to practice spelling words to high school textbooks. Each teacher receives an allotment for school supplies; however, it does not necessarily cover the cost of the items used in the classroom. Teachers then typically supply the rest of the supplies out of their own budget. Teaching: The only profession where you steal supplies from home and take them to work. Of the 12 teachers, several requested only a couple of items and some gave lengthy lists. During the last day of collection, Orn and others had gathered over 75 percent of the items requested on the lists and hoped for more. Orn repeated her description of the people who participated as generous. It’s just amazing what people have done. Last year Orn had a child at Morgan Elementary and at Mountain Green Elementary. She found this gave her a unique perspective of the school district. She decided she wanted to help all of the schools, not just the school where her children are currently attending. Lilia Allen has children in Mountain Green Elementary, Morgan Middle and Morgan High School. She has been approached by the PTSOs from the different schools about becoming involved. Feeling like it was impossible to choose which school to devote her time to specifically, she decided to work with Orn and others in the area to benefit the school district as a whole. They recognize there are other people in the community that are willing to help, many of whom do not have children in school. This group of unaffiliated helpful moms have researched and compiled ways anyone can help. The group does not ask anyone to purchase products or shop at stores they would not otherwise, but sees potential to receive funds for our schools with little effort and no out-of-pocket expense. Donate to our schools without giving money Smiths Fresh Values- Smith’s donates 5 percent of your purchase back to schools. Shoppers can link their Fresh Values card at customer service to any of our local schools. Then each time they are shopping, they are donating to our schools. This can easily add up for those who shop at Smith’s. A dollar or two from all the Morgan residents who shop at Smiths can help our schools. Staples Ink Cartridge- Ink cartridges are being collected to turn in for gift certificates our teachers can use. Teachers will receive $2 per cartridge. Drop off: 58 N 300 W Morgan or call (801) 829-8676 or 6850 Black Powder Rd. in Trappers Point, call (385) 244-6662. Ridleys- Donate your points you earn shopping at our local grocery store. Sign up online at www.shopridleys.com or at customer service. Choose which school you would like money to be donated to. Box Tops for Education- Many households with students are use to clipping the little $.10 section of packaging off of boxes, bags and tags; however, many non-student homes are likely throwing away these pieces of garbage. Box Tops for Education can be donated from anyone. Give to a student in the area or drop them off at Morgan Elementary, Mountain Green Elementary or Morgan Middle School. It may not seem like it will make a difference, but our schools receive around $1,200 annually with potential for a lot more. Remember it is more valuable to our students than to the garbage can. If anyone would like to help purchase items on teacher supply lists, email Kristi Orn at kristiorn@live.com.

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