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Business Spotlight – Dava Jensen, Coldwell Banker Realtor


Coldwell Banker¨ Realtor¨ Dava Jensen has lived in Morgan for over 20 years. Throughout that time she has been grateful to not only call it home, but to have been able to work and serve the people of Morgan County. Having grown up in Southern California, it was there she met her husband Mike. They enjoyed their time there and for six years Jensen worked in the booming California foreclosure industry. When the opportunity arose to move to Utah and as the housing market began to change, Jensen decided that the time was right to shift her career into real estate. This change proved much more rewarding as she was now able to help others experience the joy in home ownership. As Jensen herself looked for options to move, she wound up picking Morgan. Having looked at criteria such as being centrally located, having beautiful views no matter where you look, as well as various other attributes, the Jensens decided to call Morgan home. Fortunately they did because they also found that the people of Morgan are genuinely nice people. She shares that her neighbors are just wonderful and that is what makes Morgan properties so easy to sell. Having now worked in the real estate business for 19 years, Jensen’s experience as well as her honesty helps clients find the homes that will be the perfect fit for their family. Often the home buying or selling experience can be very overwhelming. That is where Jensen comes in as she takes each client step by step through the process to help them understand what to expect. Jensen shares that teamwork is very important in this process, and so she has helped put together a team of trusted lenders and title companies to make sure that every step goes smoothly. For those who aren’t sure whether to sell by owner or to work with an agent, Jensen tells of how she helps to make sure there are no hiccups along the way. Whether it be buying or selling a home, an agent can help in the process by first making sure the pricing is set at the right level. They also facilitate the process by screening calls from potential buyers, advertising and making sure all the paperwork is done correctly to avoid any complications. To find out if it is the right time to sell your home, Jensen offers a free professional equity valuation. This will help determine the fair market value for your home, aiding sellers make an informed decision. To keep herself updated, Jensen frequently attends the city and county planning meetings so she will have up-to-date information for her clients. She loves what she does, is confident in her work and prides herself on being honest and by not beating around the bush, helping each client know what to reasonably expect. In her free time Jensen enjoys recreating here in Morgan. She delights in running, riding bikes and jokes about trying her hand at golfing. She loves helping others experience the beauty Morgan has to offer as well. Although she works with buyers and sellers all over Northern Utah, she has a special affinity for Morgan. For those looking in other areas, Jensen has relocation connections no matter where you plan on going, whether it be out of state or even out of the country. Jensen’s end goal is to not only get each client into the home that they would really enjoy, but also to help them find a location that will suit their needs perfectly. For those looking to buy or sell a house, Jensen can be contacted directly at 801-540-5205 or dava.jensen@utahhomes.com.

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