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New school seeks Morgan location


Contributed by Johnand Angela Hubbell On Wednesday, Aug. 18, Morgan hosted Glenn J Kimber for a community question-and-answer period to learn about a new school that will soon be moving to Morgan City. In attendance were Morgan Mayor Jim Egbert, Councilwoman Shelly Betz, Councilman Ray Little, as well as residents interested in learning more about the history and curriculum of this private education center that will soon be offering what is being considered a God- and country-centered educational alternative to the parents of Morgan county and surrounding areas. Kimber spoke about the decay of the American educational system as well as the pathway to restoring true integrity into the education that today’s children receive. Among other things, Kimber talked at length about the crucial role that mothers have in raising and teaching their children. With comments like, Why is it that a mother knows everything necessary to give birth to a child, raise it to the age of 5, teach it everything it knows and keep it safe, and then at 5 years of age society tells us she knows nothing at all and that the government needs to take over to teach the child? Kimber illustrated his philosophy that parents in general and mothers in particular are not only responsible for but also critical to a child’s education and upbringing. Kimber went on to discuss the curriculum of the school that has the highest graduation requirements of any public or private school. Kimber illustrated how each student is responsible to research and compile the necessary information to learn each academic area of study instead of simply trying to memorize what someone else has already compiled into a textbook. Each student is then tested every 90 days in 22 different areas of study to determine their progress through the program. Testing is conducted from an outside company and is based on testing principles established by Simon and Schuster. Instead of a child being required to attend 12 years of school, each student is instead graduated when they have achieved a freshman college level proficiency in all 22 subject areas. Kimber informed those in attendance of national statistics showing that last year 57 percent of eligible high school students failed to graduate. Of those who did graduate, only 27 percent were adequately prepared for college. In contrast, every Kimber Academy graduate is not only prepared for college, but is so at the average age of 15 _ years old. Kimber holds double Doctorates in constitutional studies and religion as well as lesser degrees in education, and accounting and finance. Kimber is a Vietnam veteran who began his touring and teaching about the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution with his father-in-law Cleon Skousen in the 1970s. Many people in Utah are familiar with Cleon Skousen as one of the most vehement anti-communist writers and speakers in the last century. Cleon Skousen is the author of many notable books such as The 5000 Year Leap, The Naked Communist, and The Making of America.

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