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Morgan residents bring home High Plains Regional Finals win


Saturday, Aug. 30, was an exciting day for Morgan residents Cameron Jones and Chad Peterson. Having traveled to Loveland, Colorado, to compete in the High Plains Regional Finals in team roping, their years of training and practice paid off. Cousins, Jones and Peterson participated in the #10 Shoot-Out and took home the win along with the pot of $10,082, a pair of Martin Trophy saddles, and $6,000 in USTRC Flex earnings which will help send them to compete in the United States Team Roping Championships National Finals. For each Shoot-Out competition, each pair ropes four steers hoping to bring in the fastest times. With their last roping coming in at 9.34 seconds it brought their combined time to 36.32 seconds and secured the win. This triumph meant a lot to the pair, especially considering it hadn’t been so easy getting there. Just two months ago, Jones broke his collar bone and the two weren’t sure if they would be able to compete. Fortunately he healed in time and was not only able to compete but also to bring home the win. For Jones it was an amazing experience made even greater by the fact that he was doing it with family. Growing up here in Morgan, he had always liked watching his cousins and uncleÓGary, Chad, and MattÓrope and was interested in one day following in their footsteps. When he was 16, his football season had ended and thus opened up some free time. So they began to show him the ropes. With Jones running as header and Peterson as heeler, intense pressure is on to get the timing just right. For the two cousins there is the added pressure of wanting to do the best for family. However, Jones added, It makes it mean a lot more when you do. He shares that he was so excited when the head loop went on that he almost fell off his horse. Not only are they supportive of each other but they also both have their families behind them backing them up. Jones’ parents, Curtis and Marci Jones, as well as Peterson’s parents, Gary and Judy Peterson, have always been there watching and cheering them on. It was a pretty emotional day for the bunch as all of them have helped bring the boys to where they are today. Many hours of training as well as help with taking care of the horses have come from their dads and extended families. The success extended into the next day Jones and Gary Peterson (Chad’s dad) went on to take 3rd place in the #9 Shoot-Out in team roping. For Jones, who is competitive at heart, it means so much to compete with some of the best of the best and for him and Peterson to come away the victor. Gearing up for the finals, the pair is eager to go against the best ropers from all over the country in Oklahoma at the USTRC National Finals starting the last week in October.

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