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School Spotlight – Denise Rich, Roxanne Rich


Denise Rich When you come into the Morgan School District Office, the first smiling face you see or sweet voice you hear belongs to Denise Rich. You know from the minute you meet her that she cares about you and will take care of whatever you need. Denise has been helping Morgan Superintendents look good for the past five years. Before that, she held things together for 17 years at Morgan Middle School where she was loved and respected. Denise made her entrance into this world at the old Dee Hospital in Ogden Ò where most of the Morgan babies were born. From the very beginning, Denise has had a great love and talent for music. She was the accompanist for the school choir and played the piano in the stage band. She spent many years teaching piano lessons and has shared her talent in many civic and religious events. She continues to be an accomplished pianist, a great cook and is just fun to be around! Denise has been happily married to Dave Rich for 42 years and is the proud mother of three children Ò two daughters and one son. She is also grandmother to ten grandchildren (with number eleven arriving soon). When asked about her mother, Dixie Higgs said, I am not really surprised that my mom would get this award! She is truly nice to everyone (which is not an easy task given the problems facing the school district). She also said, I could not have been blessed with a more amazing mom than the one I have. I am proud to call her mom! We all admire Denise’s will, her positive attitude, and her work ethic. She definitely brightens up her surroundings and just makes things better. Her efficiency and dedication are valued assets and go a long way in making the Morgan School District a great place. We honor her and thank her for her tireless energy. Roxanne Rich It was a happy day, not too many years ago, that a baby girl was born to Bob and Sharon Rich in the old Dee Hospital in Ogden. Baby Roxanne was a welcome addition to a family that already consisted of four boys. Roxanne quickly adapted to fit in and became a real Tom Boy. She loved helping on the farm, fighting with her brothers, swimming, and finding ways to out-prank her siblings. It was a great life! Roxanne went on to graduate from Morgan High School and was involved in the FFA Program and participated on the unofficial ski team. Roxanne attended Utah State University and participated in the Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program. She worked doing road construction for 5 years as an equipment operator and then moved on to food service in the Nebo District for 10 years. She has been employed in the Morgan District for the past 13 years and is currently the Food Service Supervisor. Her associates say that Roxanne is easy going and unassuming. She is very accommodating and is always happy. She has a calm demeanor and is able to see the things that need to be done and finds a way to get them done. She is thrifty and has saved the district a lot of money by adhering to the age-old adage of fix it up, do without, make it do, or do without. When she is not supervising the preparation of school breakfast and lunch, Roxanne spends time with her two moms, her 2 daughters, and her 7 grandchildren. She also likes to shop for antiques, travel, and she enjoys the Arts. The Morgan School District is very fortunate to have employees like Roxanne Rich. We value her dedication, and honor her commitment to excellence.

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