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2013 conservation poster and photo contests


The Morgan Conservation District is pleased to announce a poster and photo conservation contest. Morgan Conservation Districts’ Natural Resource Conservation Poster Contest provides fourth and fifth grade students an opportunity to share their thoughts about soil, water, agriculture and natural resources. This year’s theme is Where Does your Water Shed? It’s designed to help students understand the importance of fresh water we rely on each day. The winning student will be awarded a cash prize. The winning student’s entire class will receive a visit from the Morgan Conservation District. The visit includes a 20-minute watershed model demonstration and a treat. The photo contest is open to seventh through 12th grade students. Its goal is to highlight the inspiring scenery of Utah’s agriculture, livestock and conservation practices. This contest provides an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy healthy competition while learning about conservation. Cash prizes will be awarded to winning photographers. This year’s photo contest includes four categories: 1) conservation practices, 2) close up conservation, 3) conservation in action and 4) agriculture/conservation across America. The winning poster and photos will go to the state competitions. The poster and photos that win state will go on to nationals. Prizes will be awarded at both levels. Both competitions are open to public, private and home-schooled students. Competitors may enter through their classrooms or individually. The deadline for both competitions is Oct. 1. Rules and restrictions apply. Make sure to visit morganconservation.org for complete details. If you have questions, please call Desiree Van Dyke at (801) 538-7228 or e-mail desiree.vandyke@uacd.org.

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