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Fun run makes colorful debut


Nearly 200 runners showed just how bright they are by supporting the Morgan Education Foundation at the Color Us Bright Fun Run on Saturday Sept. 21. Everyone sported the same white t-shirts with bright logo and glasses. At the 9 a.m. registration all the shirts were spotless white. However within minutes few shirts didn’t have some color splashed across the front or back. Even before the race began, children and adults were spreading part of their bag of colored corn starch onto each other. Bright blue, purple, green, orange, yellow and pink decorated clothes, hair and faces as the excited group began to run the 3K. Throughout the short run, estimated to be about 1.5 miles, seven stations sponsored by community businesses threw additional colors at the runners and walkers. Some runners dodged out of the way of the colored powder and others begged for more color as they passed. Young, Advanced Machinery, Goldenwest Credit Union, Hertz, 1st Bank, Timbermine Steakhouse, Karen’s Kreations, and Hinds Quick Stop all contributed to the event through sponsorship. The Morgan Education Foundation was very grateful for their support and hopes more local businesses will join in helping the four schools in our district. School Board Member Mark Farmer stood with his daughters Ainsley and Elise and helped color the runners as they passed the finish line. The young family enjoyed watching each of the runners complete the run with their own style. The colored powder that was handed out at registration, as well as at the stations, was a colored cornstarch which is made of an environmentally friendly, food grade material. It is made to easily wash off of the pathway where it was scattered, as well as out of clothes, hair and skin. Fire Chief Dave Rich gave example of how easily the tinted dust washed off, as brave participants stepped up to the fire hose to be washed with a cold blast of water from the engine parked at the event. After the run winding around the high school and Mickelson Mile was over, a colorful group gathered to eat fruit and cookies while listening for their name to be called out for one of the many great prizes. Each runner had a unique pattern of bright colors boasting their participation. Supporting local, the foundation used Karen’s Kreations to provide white t-shirts with bright designs. By working closely with Hadock, the organizations were able to provide everyone with a shirt without having to have excess shirts. Through the registration process, they made daily orders to ensure the correct number of shirts were ordered and made. We really want to thank the community that came out and supported us! D’Lynn Poll, treasurer of the Morgan Education Foundation said of the event. The foundation is still waiting to see the total amount of money raised through the fun activity. The Fun Run is set to take over as a primary fundraiser for the Morgan Education Foundation. This will replace the auction of previous years. The money raised through the Fun Run will be used to help support the schools in our district. They intend it to be used for building grants the principals can apply for their school. For example, the high school and middle school were able to obtain a program called My Access that aids in

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