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Bowling Scores for 4 Oct. 2013


TUESDAY MORNING HOUSEWIVES Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Team 3 and team members are Trina Pentz, Paula Harrington, Carolyn Hibler, and Jessica Jorgensen. In 2nd place is Team 5, and team members are Stacey Buchanan, Candice Johnson, and Carole Townsend. Our high scores and series for this week go to Cleo Stuart 175, Wendy Winn 157, Linda Clompton 155, Paula Harrington 164=454, Jessica Jorgensen 156, Melva Minster 178=499, Candice Johnson 175=485, and Carole Townsend 166. Nice bowling ladies. JUNIORS Garrett Matthews 180, Wyatt Matthews 157 , Josie Hunt 119, Riley Bird 137, Nate Chappell 139, Taven Fearn 146, and Preston Butikofer 160. Great bowling kids! Parkside Lanes hosted a doubles tournament this last weekend. We had 37 entries all together, and Mike Shope and Craig Mahoskey took 1st place with 1401 total pins. 2nd place was Dillon Smith and Danny Kline with 1356 total pins, and 3rd place Crystal Monzella and Craig Mahoksey with 1339 total pins for the 49 and under group. Skyler Scadden took 1st place with high average in All Events with a 216 average, and Rob Behrens took 2nd with a 213 average. Gayla Schofield and Blaine Schofield took 1st place with 1344 total pins, and Joann Fitzgerlad and Carla Daniel took 2nd with 1340 total pins for the 50 and over group. Thank you to all for your support. WED. NIGHT OWLS Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Northrop Grumman and team members are Bryan Chappell, Pat Olsen, Pat Bird, and Randy Glanville. In second place is Split Happens and team members are Dillon Smith, Heather Lombard, Casie Kline and Danny Kline. Our high scores and series for this week go to, Lynsey Enlow 162, Craig Mahoskey 213=613, Pat Olsen 157, Pat Bird 158=465, Randy Glanville 203=601, Kacie Straw 150, Misty Spendlove 156, Dennis Peterson 191=570, Dennis Vernon 191=516, Dillon Smith 205=536, and Danny Kline bowled an AWESOME 300 game and ended with a 720 series. Great bowling everyone! MON. MORNING LADIES Our team standings for this week are tied for 1st place is Morgan drug and team members are Pat Bird, Connie Watterson, Jane Casper, and Connie Whiting, and Denise’s Homeplate and team members are Lisa O’Brien, Cindy Matthews, and Lynette Bosworth. Our high scores and series for this week go to Joann Rees 154, Susan Crandall 225=499, Cathie Layton 177=518, Cindy Matthews 154, Lynette Bosworth 167=460, Barbara Roemmich 153, Berniece Warner 174=459, Gloria Marcellin 192=530, Pat Olsen 187=528, Connie Watterson 171=456, Becky Wilde 160, and Cathy Friery 159 . Nice bowling ladies.

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