Home Sports Morgan hosts local cross country meet during Homecoming Week

Morgan hosts local cross country meet during Homecoming Week


On a soggy Wednesday afternoon the Morgan Trojans hosted Park City and Union in an exciting cross country meet. Morgan’s home course overlays the beautiful fairways of the Round Valley Golf Course with a magnificent mountain backdrop. A big thank you goes to the golf course caretakers, owners and personnel who so graciously offer their grounds for training and competition. The race began under cold and wet conditions, while the first snow of the season fell in the mountains. The athletes exerted extra effort to warm up properly in chilly conditions on the oversaturated grass. By the end of the race, the back of every runner was soaking wet with mud splattered from top to bottom. This was a smaller meet with a more intimate feel than many of the mega races Morgan has competed in this year. For the first and only meet of the season, Morgan competed in front of their home crowd, and the runners enjoyed all the extra support and cheering along the course. Like all teams, a cross country unit also builds a lot of cohesion throughout the season. The friendly home crowd sensed this unity and poured out even more support. For the small group of parents, friends and family who attended, it was a very special experience. Park City won the event overall, but a number of Morgan’s athletes posted new personal records while trudging drenched through the rain. By all accounts, the race was successful. Overall results for varsity are as follows:

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