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USU Extension Launches New Gardening Websites


Utah State University Extension recently launched two new gardening websites: the USU Yard and Garden website at garden.usu.edu and the USU Dixie Gardener website at dixiegardener.org. The Yard and Garden website contains links on vegetables and herbs, trees and shrubs, flowers, lawns, soils, fruits and nuts, weeds, insects and diseases and a USU shopping cart. Also included are related links to Master Gardeners, Tree Browser, Utah Pests and the botanical gardens as well as calendar information and gardening-related videos. The Dixie Gardener website includes information specific to desert gardening for flowers, irrigation, lawns, fruits, trees and shrubs, vegetables, weather and xeriscapes. Also included are FAQs, a tip of the month, calendar items, certification information and more. Mike Whitesides, USU Extension assistant marketing director, said that USU Extension launched these new websites to help gardeners and homeowners from beginners to experts expand their skills. Though the gardening season is coming to an end in Northern Utah, there are many things gardeners can learn from the sites as they prepare for next year. For further information, contact Whitesides at 435-797-7613 or mike.whitesides@usu.edu.

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