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Council holds Snowbasin development agreement


After almost a year of work, the Morgan County Council has been handed a draft of a development agreement that could eventually bring thousands of building units and new recreational amenities to the county. Council members will be reviewing the Snowbasin development agreement in the next few weeks prior to a public hearing scheduled for Oct. 15. The council will decide that day to approve the creation of the Snowbasin Resort Special District Zone. Bruce Parker, the county’s planning consultant for the Snowbasin project, said the special zone is a place holder for the actual rezone that is expected on the council’s Nov. 19 meeting. Approving the special zone is a preparatory step, Parker said. It may be a step to be repeated in the future by other resort areas in the county such as East Canyon and the Peterson area. The resort special district is enabling language to allow the zone to be created, said Charlie Ewert. If East Canyon wants to do the same thing, they would go through the same process. But this one is unique to Snowbasin. Parker suggested the council make the development agreement draft available to the public on the county’s website, www.morgan-county.net. This is a significant document, Parker said. We tried to be thorough and address all public policy issues. Parker plans to meet with council members individually or in small groups to discuss the development agreement before a public work session is held Nov. 19. Snowbasin developers plan 2,447 dwelling units on 8,000 acres in Morgan County. Plans call for a new ski resort center, hotel, timeshare units, single-family residential units, multifamily residential, condominiums, townhomes, mixed-use units, spa, golf courses, ski school, retail, restaurants, trails, and an emergency services base. Snowbasin representatives say the whole plan may take until 2048 to come to fruition, depending on the market.

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