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Recreation agreement ping-pong continues


The ping-pong on the recreation agreement between the county, school district and city continued this week as the city approved the recreation agreement, but struck the liability provision that has been the ongoing contention between the entities. The city has been requesting that they be shielded from any lawsuits that might come from the signed agreement, particularly because none of the venues used by the recreation board are on city property. The city has requested that the recreation board obtain liability insurance that will protect all three entities (city, county and school district) from financial impact in the case of a lawsuit. In the last council meeting the members who participate on the recreation board reported that the rec board had indicated that they did not have authority to take out a policy. City council attorney Gary Crane disputed this and quoted from state code the appropriate section that grants the recreation board the authority to act in the same way that the city, county and school district to insure themselves. The city bounced the ball back to the rec board this week by approving the recreation agreement, but removing the language that would give liability to the city and adding language that shielded them from liability. The ball is now back with the rec board for a decision.

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