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Community Spotlight – Marilyn Bambrough


It felt like something unfinished was completed, Marilyn Bambrough said of recently graduating from Utah State University. She began her post high school education at Ricks College in Idaho, where she received her associates degree in advertising and design in 1977. She then transferred to Brigham Young University in Provo, where she worked on a double major in interior design and graphic design and illustration. She came within a semester of completing each of those degrees when she transferred to Utah State after marrying Brian Bambrough. She became very busy and realized she couldn’t keep up on everything and decided to wait to continue her education, a decision she has second guessed for years. She always knew she would go back but waited for the right season. Three years ago she visited the Utah State University campus again and was immediately accepted into the university that day. By the next day she had her financing in place and she was able to get back on track to realize one of her life-long goals. She commenced her schoolwork in the fall semester of 2010. On May 4, 2013, Marilyn Bambrough received the bachelor’s degree she had pursued for so long. She received her bachelor of fine arts with an emphasis in drawing and painting. Bambrough took several classes in Brigham City and online; however, the majority of her degree was completed on campus in Logan. Because of the long laps in time, she was required to retake some of her completed classes, specifically math. She was surprised to see other adults in each of her classes who shared her desire to finish school. Striving together in valuable pursuit, Bambrough forged lifelong friends with peers and instructors. It mattered that I went back now with life experience, Bambrough explained. She realizes her education, as well as her goals, now have been shaped differently than it would have been if she would have graduated in her 20s. Her goals as a young student were commercial all the way. Now she feels she has more to draw from and perspective about what is most important. With the formal education her degree has offered, and a lifetime of experience, Bambrough particularly enjoys painting people because they each have personality, character and experience. Each painting has a story behind it. One of her daughters traveled to Uganda to aid in an orphanage. During this trip she took over 1,000 photos and videos of the children who have been orphaned or abandoned because of AIDS. Bambrough took these special and sometimes heartbreaking photos and turned them into beautiful works of art. She painted 25 of them as an assignment, but found it grew into something bigger than a classroom project and she took her work in a new direction. Family life is the most important thing in the world, Bambrough expressed. Because this is so important to her, Bambrough is working on a collection of paintings showcasing the beautiful everyday moments of family life. Ranging from a father helping a child put their pajamas on to a grandma spending time reading to her grandchild. These beautiful images are inspiring of life’s precious moments. She uses relationships around her as the subjects of this assortment that is so meaningful to her. She and her husband have four children, additionally they had a nephew join their house for six years, which truly made him part of their family. Bambrough enjoys creating art in a variety of mediums and found a talent and a passion for intaglio prints, a skill she didn’t expect to be so rewarding. She crafted her creative skills in sculptures, another area she didn’t realize she would enjoy. Upon graduation an unexpected blessing presented itself to Bambrough as she was made the Morgan Elementary School art instructor. With this new position she is able to teach children throughout the school. She meets with every class in first through fourth grade. The classes are short, lasting for only half an hour each, which can be challenging to complete projects. However, students and Bambrough have taken on a positive attitude and work quickly to cover lessons that should take much longer if time would allow. Bambrough teaches PE to the fifth grade students, another teaching experience that she enjoys. With this new position, she worked hard to stock a classroom for 483 art students. She received an overwhelming and generous response from parents who sent in supplies. They have been fabulous, she said. She saw that as families brought in a lot or a little, it combined to make a whole. I love watching the kids find out what they can do, Bambrough said of her teaching experience at Morgan Elementary. She has been very impressed with all of the students. She enjoys watching them learn and create. These young students are particularly inspired by painting. Bambrough is happy to have the opportunity to inspire these young minds during class time and works on her own art after school. Congratulations on your recent graduation, Marilyn Bambrough!

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