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Local BMX racer wins state title


Brewer Snedden set a goal a year ago to become the state BMX champion in his division. Hard work, determination and an intense focus facilitated Brewer’s win at the state championship Sept. 13-14 at Rad Canyon in South Jordan. He won the title of best 12-year-old racer in the state and brought along the riding plate to show it in addition to a plaque, sweatshirt and backpack. The Snedden’s family vehicle also proudly sports a sticker across the back. Brewer was introduced to the sport by Jason Johnson. Johnson led the way for the bike park in Morgan. Brewer began racing BMX in May of 2010 at Legacy Raceway in Farmington. While he was new to the sport, Brewer has always known his way around bikes. He taught himself to ride a bike at 2 years old without the help of training wheels. After racing a short time last season, Brewer raced at the state competition, where he found he wouldn’t be eligible to win the state title because he hadn’t competed in enough qualifying races. That is when he told his mom of this big goal. He didn’t just say he wanted to win and then forget about it, he dedicated much of the last year to earn the privilege of being the best 12-year-old racer in the state. Over the last year he spent countless hours in competition and practice. Every Wednesday that the weather permitted, Brewer spent two to three hours at the track. The rest of the week he has a regiment of daily 30 minute sprints. The Morgan Bike Park has been particularly helpful in building his leg muscles as well as stamina. After hours of arduous practice, the real work began with a consistent tour of competition. Outdoor season runs from the end of May to the first of October at the Legacy Parkway with races every weekend. Then indoor season begins with several indoor races at Legacy Parkway in October. Then the competition is moved to South Jordan and Richville, where races are held on alternating weekends. The races are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and Brewer raced nearly every Saturday and Sunday. This intense schedule meant that Brewer decided to give up on his other activities including football in order to become the best. It’s a huge commitment for him, his mother Andi Snedden explained. She has been happy to see her son find something he is passionate about. She has seen him set goals and work until he achieves them. The last racing year has been an exciting one with many wins, as well as a few learning opportunities. It’s hard seeing him have a bad race, Andi Snedden said of her son. While she doesn’t enjoy watching him struggle, she finds it a good time to teach him to get up and get back on. The individual sport means there is seldom anyone else to blame. With races that don’t go the way they want, racers can see what they need to work on. This season brought more triumph than trial for the young rider from Morgan. Beginner riders must win 10 main events in order to be moved to intermediate. Brewer is also over half way to expert level, which requires 20 wins. The thrilling ride in BMX racing has brought many friends for both Brewer as well as his parents, Andi and Brody. They have found an extended family in the BMX world, where they meet amazing people who care about each other. Brewer had a great competitor named Parker that battled for the title all season. Each race they would take turns edging the other out. Going into the state race Paker had several more points in the competition and proved to be a great competitor. Brewer pulled over the finish line just ahead of Parker. It was so close the crowd had to wait to hear who won. The Snedden family was ecstatic when they found that Brewer had reached his goal and won the title. Another highlight of the year was when Bill’s Bike Shop sponsored Brewer and one other rider from Utah. This Red Line sponsorship is prestigious and sought after. With this added boost, Brewer became even more focused and raced better with the added confidence that others noticed what he is doing. He received a personal postcard from racing legend and silver medalist Sam Willoughby after a signature on his bike wore off. With personal encouragement from a Red Line racer, Brewer is pumped to continue on his biking pathway.

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