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School board forms financial oversight committee


The Morgan County School Board is creating a financial oversight committee, but stopping short of having a community member on that committee for now. Boardmember Mark Farmer said the purpose of the new financial oversight committee would be to ensure the quality of district accounting and financial practices, monitoring financial reporting processes and internal controls and ensuring regulatory compliance. We are not focusing on the audit or auditors, but trying to develop a comfort level within the board that things are happening the way we think they are happening, Farmer said. It is to understand complex issues brought up, become familiar with what is going on, bring up appropriate questions, and attest to what we are being told by D’Lynn Poll, the district business manager. At last month’s school board meeting, Superintendent Doug Jacobs suggested the board form an audit committee. Farmer said the name change to the financial oversight committee is more appropriate. Farmer and fellow board member Jody Hipwell will sit on the new committee, along with Jacobs and Poll. We are hoping to accomplish between us sitting down together, that we bring a little different perspective, Farmer said. The result could be that reports are presented to the school board in a different format that is easier for us to get our head around, he said. Farmer said this committee is different from a community task force that has been suggested in the past. It has come up that we add an additional community member, but I think that is a different committee, Jacobs said. We will grow in that direction. In the meantime, the new committee is preparing for the audit report set for the school board’s November meeting.

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