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Eagle Scout project improves safety


When Dallen Calder saw little children running into the street without looking for cars to chase balls behind the high school soccer goal, he knew he had found a great Eagle Scout project. He put up a net behind the goal to prevent balls from rolling into the street and completed the project a week before school started in August. Sheryl Jenkins, who lives next to the field, stopped and thanked Calder for putting the net up. She shared his concern for children’s safety and also had balls go into her own field. People would go into their field to get the balls that were kicked over the fence, and on a couple of occasions left their gate open. Their cows would get out, and with both of the Jenkins in wheelchairs, it was very hard trying to get their cows back into their field. The high school girls soccer team has been able to use it this soccer season, and they have loved it! Calder also replaced light bulbs on the scoreboard that have been out for years. It’s been nice to see the correct score as the game plays out.

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