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Glenn’s towing takes on new moniker


As time goes by every industry goes through changes, and the towing business is no exception. Since Glenn’s Towing opened in 1956, full-service gas stations have been replaced by convenience stores in strip malls. Lease options and longer warranties have made it easier to rotate through new cars instead of buying used. Changes like this have led to a decrease in business for local towing companies. In addition to changes in the industry, personal time constraints have necessitated a change for Glenn’s Towing. New name, same guy, now graces new advertisements for Glenn Allgood’s locally owned business that now carries the Stauffers Towing moniker. I have actually been affiliated with Stauffers for two years now and I have known them for 30 years. They are good, honest people who I trust completely, said Allgood. They have always helped my customers for what I would have charged even if it differs from what they would normally charge. Customers will still be able to call Allgood directly, the only difference will be that occasionally Stauffers will facilitate the call on Allgood’s behalf. Glenn’s Towing has always been a service-oriented company. Repeat customers could call Allgood when they get locked out of their cars and he would help them out free of charge. Most newer towing companies, because of liability issues, can’t touch your car unless you are physically with the car. Because Glenn’s Towing focuses his business in Morgan, he doesn’t worry about such things. You can leave your keys with him and he will go and pick up your vehicle whether you are there or not. There are really good people in this valley. I have loved doing business here and getting to know all the wonderful people, said Allgood. I love what I do. If a person doesn’t love what they do, they shouldn’t be doing it. When you see my obituary in the paper you will know I have retired for good, joked Allgood.

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