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Halloween Carnival benefits three Morgan schools


Hundreds of children and adults gathered at the Morgan Middle School to celebrate Halloween and raise money for Morgan Elementary, Morgan Middle and Morgan High School. There have been many fundraisers in our community recently and the PTSO from each of the schools determined they could do more good with less strain by combining efforts. Mountain Green Elementary determined to continue their traditionally successful walk-a-thon. The large gym held a huge assortment of carnival games that children waited in lines to try. From pumpkin bowling to miniature golf, the kids were able to play games and fill their goodie bags with candy. The games were Halloween themed and some had a creepy flare such as a game where participants had to reach their hand into boxes to feel disgusting mysteries, or where contestants each had to fish a candy worm out of a bowl filled with cool whip. The gym air was filled with spooky music and children’s laughter at the happy event. I think my favorite part of the night was just seeing all the happy families enjoying themselves, said Morgan Elementary School PTSO president, Courtney Gualco. Watching the tiny little kids trying everything was so stinkin’ cute that you can’t help but smile. Terry Allen volunteered for a pie in the face game. The Middle School principal took a seat at the end of the gym and waited for children to buy a plate of whip cream for $2 to throw in his face. By the end of the night, the principal had been splattered countless times, yet he smiled on in good spirits. He enjoyed the treat he actually chose to be smattered with, licking his lips each time he was hit. During the night he was joined by fellow MMS staff member Steve Wood. A student walked past and asked in a serious voice, Do you think it’s fun? Principal Allen quickly replied, It’s not a bad night! He was happy to show the kids they can have fun. I am glad to do it and help out, Allen said. He had lost count of how many plates of dessert topping were tossed his way, but he knew there were plenty. He had the fluffy treat in his ears even before there was a quick trip to the store to get more. Lisa Hill answered a call put out to help with the haunted house when the PTSO asked for volunteers. When she asked who would be overseeing this frighteningly fun portion of the evening, she was told You are! While she originally intended to assist with the project, she happily accepted the responsibility to put on a haunted house for the fundraiser. She knew it would be a success when she joined forces with Mrs. Wilder, the MMS and MHS Drama teacher. Mrs. Wilder motivated her students to be the face of the haunted house. They took on characters ranging from the decapitated welcomer with the thick accent to the crazy girl climbing out of the well from the movie The Ring. Families with young children or apprehensive individuals were outfitted with glow in the dark sticks that could be used to ward of the creatures and scary characters. This sign gave the teenage actors the cue to give a minor spook and to be aware of the haunted house patrons. Those without glow sticks were considered free game and the haunted house creatures could do their best to give those walking through a major fright. Tables lined the stage in the cafeteria and spilled off onto the floor offering a wide variety of items to bid on. The silent auction included items such as Browning items, handmade blankets, and sports equipment. This portion of the evening had excitement as bidders tried to outspend others to win their item. The high school hosted an amazing show of skill. The Pro 50/50 BMX stunt show wowed the crowd with amazing tricks. Before they tallied attendance, the organizers knew the event had been a success. They were pleased with the crowd that packed the cafeteria and both gyms and spilled over to the high school. The evening brought the community together for a fun evening celebrating Halloween and raised money to be used at Morgan Elementary School, Morgan Middle School and Morgan High School. The organizers thanked the many people who made this evening a success by volunteering or donating. The families who attended and the children who benefit from the donations thank those who put on such a delightful affair.

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