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U12 Boys team ends season undefeated


As another fall season goes by, we congratulate and thank all those involved in coaching and refereeing in our valley. Right now we have more kids involved in soccer than all other sports combined here in the Morgan Valley. The head coach of the boys’ soccer program at Morgan High School is excited about the talent coming up. It’s important to involve our kids in sports and get them off all the electronic distractions, said coach David Lane. Good coaching can help with discipline, sacrifice, work ethic, listening skills, self confidence and teamwork. The U12 boys’ team that Lane coaches ended their season undefeated. The team only had eight goals scored against them all season. They even beat La Rocha in their final game. I see changes in the boys and I like the fact that sports can keep kids out of trouble and away from addictive behavior, said Lane proudly. He also wished to thank Jacki Cammeron who was the assistant coach for this team. Lane believes that the addition of the Trojan Center brings opportunity to Morgan. He hopes that Morgan residents will utilize this building in order to develop our own local teams. Other teams can rent out the facility as well, so it is important that we use our own resources to make sure our local teams develop to their full potential, commented Lane. He praised those who got involved in building the Trojan Century Center and those who helped fund it. As I do development training with teams and groups, and teach parents how to work with their children at home, I see the reward as I watch talent grow, commended Lane. He cautions parents to be careful of coaches who constantly yell or coach with negativity. I would get them a new coach or a different sport. I’ve learned that yelling is only to get their attention. Once you have their attention, correct them in a positive way, build them up. Lane puts his time where his mouth is and holds training courses at the Trojan Center during the winter months. Kids at any level can participate, small groups, teens and individuals are welcome. Lane even offers parent/child courses. To find out more about these helpful development sessions, please contact Lane at 801-510-6968.

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