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Five generation pictures are naturally hard to come by, but this five generation shot has a particularly unique story behind it. The photo includes first generation Katherine Barker; second generation Vicky Barker Pentz; third generation Nikkole Pentz Malan; fourth generation Misti Malan Stokes, Cortnee Malan Hoffman and Kristal Malan Turner; and fifth generation Boston Stokes, Stryker Hoffman and Mack Turner. What makes this such an original story is that all three Malan sisters had their little fifth generation miracles in the same month. Two of the babies even share a birthday. This fun coincidence happened in July of this year. Cortnee went into labor on her sister Kristal’s due date. Cortnee went to Ogden Regional Medical Center where Dr. Darren Housel made preparations for her baby to arrive. Kristal had planned to visit her sister in the hospital, however, she didn’t realize that she would be staying to have her own baby during that visit. The sisters shared a doctor, but luckily Dr. Housel delivered baby Stryker with an hour to spare before Kristal delivered baby Mack. Although the timing of all three babies was not planned, the sisters were thrilled to have the cousins so close. Growing up they were know as The Malan sisters, and were really close. They hope the three cousins will be just as close.

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