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Kimber Academy offers educational tours of Union Station


Recently it was reported that Morgan is becoming the new home of a Glenn J Kimber Morgan Academy. While the owners are seeking to build a new facility to house the school, they are still seeking to offer educational experiences for the people of the community. Glenn J Kimber Academy Morgan has partnered with Willard White to offer education tours throughout Northern Utah. Willard White is best known in our community as one of the history teachers at Morgan High School. White’s background and education have fueled his passion for American history while showing God’s involvement in the events that have shaped our country. The first tour was so well received that White has decided to offer the tour a second time. The tour started at Ogden’s Union Station. What is there to learn about the Union Station, or Ogden for that matter, that we all don’t already know? attendee Laura asked. We saw things in the Union Station that I never knew existed. Secret tunnels, and passages. A rich history that spans from illegal alcohol and speak easies during prohibition to sending off and welcoming home soldiers from World War I and World War II. I thought the Union Station was rather boring until Willard pieced the history together for us and showed us God’s hands in the storied past of Ogden. Next stop on the tour was Ogden’s own Peery’s Egyptian Theatre. According to one attendee named Linda, I always thought that our Egyptian theatre was fairly unique. I knew there were others in the U.S., but I thought it was just a gimmick. What we learned was that there used to be over 500 across the country. Today there are fewer that than 10 percent left in operation. In addition to the history of the Egyptian theaters, they showed the group how there are hidden hieroglyphs in the paintings on the walls. I won’t say which ones or where, but they are hilarious, said Linda. We were allowed to take a tour of the orchestra pit by riding the stage elevator down. We even watched as this little girl with the group played the organ on stage. Last on the tour was the still-under-renovation Ogden LDS Temple. While entry into the temple is still restricted, there are full-time missionaries who keep a temporary visitors’ center open and up-to-date with a pictorial history of the construction. These renovations are more than just a face lift. They are almost a complete reconstruction, attendee Angela said. It was amazing to see the transformation of this beautiful place. I can’t wait for the open house so that we can walk through and see all these changes first hand. I feel so lucky to have been able to be so close and to learn of the progress they are making on a building that means so much to so many people. These tours will be offered regularly with different locations. This is a part of what are being called the God, Family, and Country Tours. God, family, and country are the core principles that the Glenn J Kimber Academy is founded on. We invite everyone to come to the encore presentation. The next tour will be Nov. 23, 2013, at 11:30 a.m. at the Union Station. Respond by calling Angela Hubbell at (912) 980-4024 or email at ajhubbell@hotmail.com.

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