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Madison Beardall named school board student member


Superintendent Doug Jacobs introduced Madison Beardall as the student board member for the 2013-14 school year. She was selected from a group of five applications. The selection committee included the school board president, high school principal, and district superintendent. Beardall is not a voting member of the school board, but will provide input about the high school student body and related issues. Jacobs read from Madison’s application and parent comments: Madison has a level of maturity beyond her age and years in school. She is motivated and driven to excel for the sake of excellence. This is not the result of being prodded or hounded; rather it is a demonstration of tremendous, consistent self-motivation. Madison is accountable and has the ability to follow through. She is committed and dedicated to uphold all of the requirements of a student board member. She has excellent communication skills and is ready to provide valuable and informative insight regarding Morgan High School and its student body. She maintains a 3.8 GPA and is involved in FBLA, FCCLA, Service Club and the Millennial and Ovation Choirs. Madison will be a very valuable member of the board.

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