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MHS student receives Equestrian Scholarship


Tuesday, Nov. 19, Madison Bohman felt a lifetime of hard work culminate as she signed her acceptance papers for a scholarship to Texas A&M. When Madison was a little girl, her parents Brent and Glenda Bohman would look out the window at their 10 horses. If they looked carefully, they could see Madison’s little legs peeking out from under the horses. While Brent worried Madison could be trampled, he could see the love she had for horses. At this young age, she wouldn’t let anything keep her away from horses. Stricken with many allergies, it became evident that Madison was allergic to the animals she loved. Instead of keeping her daughter away from the allergens that made her sick, Glenda purchased a hypoallergenic horse that would not cause any health problems. With her specially picked horse, Madison started in the horse 4-H program with Jessie Franich when she was about 8 years old. After riding around other horses, she slowly became desensitized to them while many other allergies remain. She continued to work with horses and she became trained and talented in reining. Her trainer, Mack Weaver of Weaver Performance Horses, feels desire and talent set her apart from other riders. After working with Madison for the past six years, he knows she has the determination as well as lots of talent. Their close relationship is a natural result of the long hours they have spent together at Graceland Equestrian Center. Described as a second mom, Ashley Weaver also helped Madison throughout the years. She feels kids that become involved will stay out of trouble. They spend time at the barn caring for horses and providing for their every need. This helps them learn to work. You only get what you put in, Ashley explains. Throughout high school, Madison has had to sacrifice other activities to devote time to her horses, but she finds it all worth it. If you’re having a bad day, a horse can turn it around, she said. She spends around two to three hours every day with her horses and seems to love every moment. Two-year-old Yoda and show horse Jerry are a part of her daily life. In addition to receiving the prestigious equestrian scholarship to Texas A&M, she also has been awarded eight other scholarships for her horseback riding. Each one was earned through diligence. From essays to volunteerism, Madison has proven she deserves her spot on the equestrian team at the prominent school. As a senior at Morgan High School, Madison is eager to start college at Texas A&M in the fall of 2014. She chose the prestigious school because she feels it will provide a great educational opportunity. The nationally ranked school has a medical program, where she hopes to become an anesthesiologist. She looks forward to contributing to a team and riding horses throughout her college career. Be dedicated to what you love, Madison encourages. Even if it’s hard, keep at it. It will pay off! Congratulations Madison and Good luck at Texas A&M!

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