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Healthy eating on a budget taught by local authors


Emily Childs grew up in Morgan and, as many do, enjoyed foods such as white rice and pasta. Not until her first child was born and she was looking to shed the excess baby weight did she began to look for a healthier way to eat. During Childs’ search, her mom, Lisa Carter, found a book called Eat to Live, which showed the effects a person’s diet can have on weight and overall health. The book opened her eyes to what she was feeding not only herself, but also her husband Derek and her three childrenÓLinnea, Andrew and Jarom. Over the next six months, Childs began to incorporate many of the healthy eating tips from the book and found herself over 60 pounds lighter. Along with her smaller size, Childs discovered her body didn’t experience the customary aches and pains it once had, and that even with a newborn she no longer felt fatigued. As with forming any new habit, it wasn’t easy for Childs in the beginning. After she and her husband began to eat healthier, it took about six weeks for their taste buds to adapt and to free themselves from the sugar cravings. These cravings were difficult to overcome as their bodies began to detoxify. However they both feel it was well worth the self-control to get them feeling and looking as good as they do today. During the course of this life changing journey, Childs realized that eating red meat had often made her feel sick. She implemented Meatless Mondays where she created a balanced meal without meat by using complex proteins such as beans or quinoaÓand she felt like her health improved. The better she felt, the more important she realized this new lifestyle was for her family. She would spend hours watching documentaries and reading books teaching her about super foods and how to properly read labels to achieve maximum nutrition in what she and her family consumed. Friends often commented on how they would love to follow what Childs was doing but that they could not afford the price tag that comes with eating this way. Typically, natural food stores have higher price points than regular grocery stores, causing many to assume this lifestyle would not fit into their coupon centric budgets. Emily and Derek set out to show others anyone can afford to eat healthy. Using knowledge they learned when they first started five years ago as students on a limited budget, they decided to write a book. Their book, The Healthy Happy Family: A Family Guide to a Healthier Home on a Budget teaches how to incorporate the things they have learned and shows how everyone can have access to healthier food no matter what size their food budget is. The book shares the steps they have taken to get them where they are today. Childs encourages those starting out to begin small, one step at a time, and build from there. For example, try adding salad to your meals one week without the generous use of ranch dressing. In the next week experiment with a meatless meal, or add a new fruit or vegetable to the menu. By building a little each week, this lifestyle transition is not as overwhelming and the costs can be spread out. Feeling great from eating healthy natural foods, Childs decided to take it one step further and began a workout routine. Now offering fitness coaching through Beachbody, she wants others to feel as great as she does. She has created a blog as well as a Facebook account for others to share in their journey. For those who would like to learn more, visit www.naturallyhealthyandhappy.blogspot.com, www.facebook.com/naturallyhealthyandhappy, or www.beachbodycoach.com/EMCHILDS08. Their e-book can be purchased on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.

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