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It’s a Family History Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner, most of us are thinking about family, spending time together for the holidays or about holidays past. Let’s share some family history this Christmas! Pull out that old shoebox full of pictures and scan them to more easily share with family members. While you have them out, let the grandchildren and others ask questions. What does the picture tell about the person or place you are looking at? Do you have a picture of a woman in the 1890s? I’ll bet she is wearing a dress. Ask your family members what they think it would be like to wear a long dress doing the activities they participate in today. How about going out to cut a Christmas tree? Share memories of your past Christmas tree cutting experiences, too. Have you collected old coins or money in foreign currency? Is there a story to tell? This is family history. Just looking at the year printed on the coin or paper money has a story to tell. How many Christmas memories can you share by looking at the year on a coin? Prepare a story to tell about an ancestor and then make a Christmas crossword puzzle with details found in the story. Tell the story to the youth in your family and then hand out the crossword puzzle and see if they can fill in the squares by answering the questions. If they have struggles, read the story again and talk about the ancestor. Be sure to laugh and have fun. Tell the children in your family the kinds of games you played as a child on Christmas. It won’t take you long to notice how things have changed for you and them. Share your childhood traditions. What stories did you read as a family? Who did you visit? What was your favorite Christmas treat? Did your family have a nativity scene? Was there one at the church? As a child did you ever participate in or watch a play depicting the Savior’s birth? Share your Christmas Memories this year and create some new ones!

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