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Letter to the Editor – Jim Bledsoe


Dear Editor, I want to show my support for the Morgan County School Board. Recently, at the school board meeting, they adopted a two-minute limit to public input. They had a timer and cut people off midsentence if they exceeded the two-minute limit. I applaud the school board for their hardline stance even though others criticize this as a harsh policy. As taxpayers it is tempting to look at the school board members like they are just our neighbors since we see them at church and around town. However, we should not underestimate their intellectual ability and grasp of the issues. It is difficult for them to listen to our opinions for any more than two minutes because they have important matters to discuss. The idea that the school board exists to represent taxpayers is cute but old-fashioned. The reality is that the school board is trained by a lobbying group called the Utah School Board Association. They are taught that they must maintain unity of the school board at all costs. Only this will allow them to work effectively. Do you remember the vote on the levy last summer? The tax increase was rejected by 64 percent of voters but 100 percent of the school board voted for it. In Croydon, 80 percent opposed the tax increase yet their school board member voted for it. He was really doing a great job of maintaining board unity. Personally, I think the school board should limit citizens to 40 seconds. Peyton Manning can get his teammates in the huddle, receive the play from the sidelines, call the play, get the offense up to the line, read the defense, audible into appropriate adjustments, and get the snap from center in less than 40 seconds. Joe Tea Party should be able to make his point in the same amount of time. For example, he could say: Although it is now fashionable for teachers, administrators and PTSO members to blame every problem in the school district on the stingy taxpayers who rejected the tax increase, this is intellectually dishonest. The truth is that we can blame our big class sizes and budget problems on the Century Center, which is costing us $350,000 every year. There are only five schools in the state that have indoor football fields: Brigham Young University, Utah State University, University of Utah, Bear River High, and Morgan High. Whoever made the decision to spend so much money on this facility should be held accountable for our budget problems. And any school employees who are complaining about having their hours cut below 29 per week can blame the implementation of Obamacare, not the stingy taxpayers in this county. You see, that only took 33 seconds! ~ Jim Bledsoe

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