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School Spotlight – Linda Taylor


Linda Taylor was born in Rapid City, South Dakota. The daughter of a father who taught high school English and a mother who was primarily a homemaker, Taylor lived in several different places as a child. Many years of her youth were spent in the Chicagoland area where she remembers always being the smallest and youngest of her class. She ultimately graduated from Maine North High School after being part of the original student body that opened the school. Maine North High School closed 11 years after its opening, but was eventually used again for the movie The Breakfast Club and then later for scenes in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Linda remembers fondly her childhood car and camping trips throughout the United States with stops in all of the lower 48 and Canada. Graduating from Weber State University with an undergraduate degree in psychology, Taylor next completed a Master’s degree at the University of Utah in social work. One of the first phone calls home after moving to Ogden was to tell her parents she had just done her first skydive. Although her parents were concerned, she reassured them that it was a one-time thing. She soon became a willing and devout skier when she realized that a day pass was only $7. Taylor later married her husband, a former Navy-man, Larry Taylor, who has now retired after a career in communications. Taylor continues to enjoy time with her husband and the wildlife at her cabin. She also enjoys gardening and children’s literature with Maurice Sendak as her favorite author. Taylor began working with the students of the Morgan School District in 1979. Over the past 34 years, she has had a profound impact on many students now influencing, in some families, three generations. Last summer Taylor completed her 35th summer pre-kindergarten for students almost ready to begin school. She loves to meet former students and hear their life stories and celebrate the successes they have found over the years. She plans to continue in her position as long as she can and enjoys the challenge, which keeps her young. Taylor has dedicated her professional life to the children and families of Morgan County. We are truly honored that she chooses to work with the students of Morgan Elementary School.

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