Home community Fred Thurston resigns from Morgan Conservation District Board after 34 years

Fred Thurston resigns from Morgan Conservation District Board after 34 years


The Morgan Conservation District held a thank you and going away party for Fred Thurston, Tuesday, Dec. 10. Thurston has served on the Morgan Conservation District Board for 34 years. He currently serves as chairman and has for many years. He has been an innovative leader who is open and energetic about new ideas. He has chosen to retire and not run in the upcoming election. In the early years he worked with the district to implement range seedlings, participate in fire rehabilitation and ensure animal feeding operations met water quality standards. He has mentored many new farmers and helped them obtain funding for their operations. Among his many notable efforts are countless farm field days hosted on his ranch in Deep Creek. These field days teach our youth about the important role of agriculture and give them an opportunity to have a genuine agriculture experience. Thurston has spent his entire life in agriculture. He and his brother took over the family livestock operation from their father. It was later divided and he has run his operation that includes livestock, horses and mink ever since. Thurston was a three-year finalist for the Leopold Conservationist Award. This prestigious award honors Utah landowner achievement in voluntary stewardship and management of natural resources. Being a finalist is a major accomplishment. Thank you to his wife, Jean, for supporting his role on the board. It takes time away from the family and we are grateful she was always willing to share him with us. His knowledge and experience are irreplaceable. The conservation district asked him to continue as an associate member. He accepted and his new role will start Jan. 1. The conservation district has been very fortunate to have his service all these years. Thank you, Fred, for all you have done for the conservation district, the land and for us! I have enjoyed my time on the Morgan Conservation District Board. We’ve worked hard to improve agriculture in Morgan County and I feel we have done a good job, Thurston said. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people. It was a difficult decision to retire, but I thought it best to go out while I’m still on top.

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