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MMS students continue philanthropy


Seventh grader Julianna Little was excited the morning of December 18, 2013. She and a classmate at Morgan Middle School had been having a little friendly competition trying to collect the most food items for the Morgan food pantry. Little knew it would be close with her competitor and friend Riley Lloyd, but she was determined. Being a committed 4H member, Little is continually giving service and loves it. She and her friends spent six hours during a seven day school wide competition to collect food from her neighborhood and beyond. When the totals came in she edged out Lloyd by only four cans of food. Little brought in 180 food items which earned her an android tablet. Little smiled as she talked about turning her contribution in, I accomplished something really good. Lloyd brought in an impressive 176 items of food. His remarkable service will affect many people this cold holiday season. He was the seventh grade winner and will receive a prize basket. The sixth grade winner was also driven to success by competition. Allison Flitton brought in an amazing 145 food items also winning a prize basket. I felt good and happy, Flitton said as she thought about the impressive contribution her efforts made. She and a classmate had pushed each other to collect more and more. Eighth grader Conner Mathews brought in 66 cans of food which earned him first place in his grade and a prize basket. Unlike the other winners, he did not go door to door collecting. Instead of going to his neighbors, he went shopping. Mathews and his mother picked out healthy foods including corn, beans, and soup and donated the stockpile all themselves. It makes me happy, Krista Sorenson student body officer said, We can provide for others families and shows that we’re not selfish. The Morgan Middle School student body is definitely not selfish. The entire school recently worked together to raise over $2000 for the food pantry. Now they came together again to collect food. With only seven days to do a major task, the middle school students collected an amazing 2,978 food items. A group of Middle School teachers work together on the We Care committee which sponsors different service activities. While the teachers help get things started, they say the kids do all of the work. The student body officers have been happily working all week on the project. They have spent their DEN period all week sorting and packing the nearly 3000 different items. Kiley Buss loved looking at all the different foods that came in to help the community and helping find a place for each item. Taylor Polad thought it was especially fun to see the school come together. She enjoyed seeing the big accomplishment the school had made together. The whole group beamed with pride as they moved the huge collection of food after the assembly. Congratulations to the winners who worked hard to make a difference in our community. Morgan County is proud to have caring and devoted youth.

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