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Barber considers run for State Senate seat


There is an air of change in today’s political scene. Local businessman John Barber hopes that he can affect which way that wind blows by giving up some of his retirement hours to serve his fellow residents in Morgan with a run for the Utah Senate Seat 18. People want something that makes sense, said Barber. I have no interest in being a career politician. If the people are gracious enough to vote me in I will put in my time, hopefully make a difference and move on and give someone else a chance. Barber realizes that may be to his disadvantage as that is not what the lobbyists want to see, but he hopes that is something that appeals to the people at large. Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, announced in November that he will not run for re-election in 2014. He served one term. Barber’s biggest hope is to help reduce the size of government. We as a people need to take control of our own lives and make sure we are not relying on the government for our needs, urged Barber. It’s time to have some business thinking, true conservatives in office, he said. Barber is a registered Republican, but says party lines aside, he is governed by conservative values. Barber is a life-long resident of Utah. He was born in 1954 in Orem, Utah, and has lived in Morgan for over 30 years. After attending Denver Automotive and Diesel College, Barber went into the automotive business with his brothers. He opened High Country Chevrolet Oldsmobile in Morgan in 1981 before opening Barber Brothers Ford in 1998. Because of his commitment to integrity, Barber Brothers was one of the most successful automotive groups in Utah. Barber prided himself on providing his employees with an honest ethical place to work. Barber Brothers Ford sponsored nearly every event in Morgan and provided many local youth with scholarships. He has always believed in giving back and serving. Barber has served on a number of boards including: chairman of the Christian Heritage School Board for two years and a board member for five years; Ford Motor Company National Dealer Council; chairman of Envision Morgan; Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce; Morgan Empowered and Breakfast Exchange Club ÒOgden. During his time on the Ford Motor Company Council, Barber assisted senior management of Ford in restructuring the company to avoid bankruptcy. At this point, Barber just wants to gauge what kind of support there is out there for his state senate campaign. To show your support, visit https://www.facebook.com/DraftJohnBarber.

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