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Birthday – Charles Price


Charles Price will be celebrating his 85th birthday on Jan. 22. Instead of an open house, we are inviting you to celebrate his day by remembering him with a birthday card greeting. Maybe you remember him as your bishop many years ago, fixing electrical things in your home (he could fix anything), car pooling with him to Salt Lake, working in the Scout program, taking many young men river running, a part of the young married group years ago, your relative, your neighbor, listening to him tell of his work with the pageants, hearing his testimony of the gospel, or maybe that friendly guy at church who wants to shake your hand. His life has been full and rich with many wonderful experiences. He has touched the lives of many. One of the things he likes and remembers most besides his family and the church is going for the mail at the Post Office to box 111 nearly every day. We are hoping for a flood of cards for him to get there. Please help us by dropping him a line with a memory or two.

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