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Community Spotlight – Local Autor Christy Dorrity


Christy Dorrity moved to Mountain Green nearly two years ago with her husband, Devon, and five children. This family brings a little bit of magic to our community. The family matriarch is an accomplished writer with a book recently published titled Awaken. Through years of life experience this mystic young adult novel came about. Twelve years ago when Christy was pregnant with her second child, her husband took her to see Riverdance. The couple was instantly drawn to the traditional Irish step dance. Devon expressed that he would like to take lessons. After looking into lessons, they realized his schedule wouldn’t allow him to take classes. Christy leapt at the chance to learn the new style of dance after years of ballet and tap. Since then all five of her children have taken classes at some point. Amberlee is learning the Irish steps, as Christy and Ethon are perfecting their dance. Christy and her oldest son compete several times a year and are preparing for the World Irish Dance Association European and World Championship. The duo qualified on the champion level in their age groups and will be traveling to Germany in April for the competition. Learning these classic Irish steps sparked an interest in Celtic myth, which inspired much of the story line in Awakening. A fascination with Irish dance leads the protagonist, McKayla, on a supernatural adventure. The book is set in beautiful Star Valley, Wyo., where Christy grew up on a trout farm with her parents. Christy wanted to try her hand at self-publishing and in May of 2011 she self-published The 2011 Book Blogger’s Cookbook followed the next year by The 2012 Book Blogger’s Cookbook. In these unique cookbooks, Christy takes books she has reviewed during the year and gives recipes that compliment them as well as other blogger reviews. Readers are left with new books to read, recipes to try and blogs to follow. The success of this book gave Christy confidence and experience to continue self-publishing. When she finished Awaken, she didn’t submit it to be published. Instead, she decided to continue on her own path. I didn’t even pursue it, she said of looking for a publisher. She enjoys the freedom of self-publishing, but also finds it to be a lot of hard work. You have to do it all by yourself, she explains of publishing and marketing her book. Morgan Middle School has a copy of Awaken, which has given local students the chance to believe in Celtic magic. The Dorrity children have enjoyed reading their mother’s work as well as when the book gets positive reviews from their peers. They think it is fun. Ethon and Jaden read early drafts of the book and Amberlee read her mom’s work once it came out. The book is family-friendly with the following description from Amazon: Awakening is a clean young adult fantasy. Language: None, Violence: Moderate, Sexual Content: Low to None. Christy has a lot of writing planned for her future. She plans to have a third edition of her Blogger’s Cookbook series finished soon. This book was delayed when she published Awaken, which is the first book in a trilogy. She plans to finish the second book by summer or fall with a novella that links the two books together being released in the springtime. Her creativity doesn’t stop there. After reaching adults with her cookbooks and young adults in the Geis series, she also is working on children’s chapter books. The books with elves and fairies is coming alive as they recently chose an illustrator. She plans to dedicate even more time to writing when Logan begins kindergarten this fall. Dorrity’s books can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, and Itunes. Awakening can also be purchased at Morgan Valley Crafts.

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