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School Spotlight – Becky Thurston


Becky was born in Ogden, Utah, at the old McKay-Dee Hospital on June 29. She is the youngest of seven children (four sisters, two brothers) and was raised on a dairy farm in Henefer, Utah, where she milked cows, fed calves, rode horses, rolled and hauled bales of hay, caught poly-wogs, played with baby mice and lived outside everyday making mud pies, and playing with animals and cousins. Her closest sister is six years older than she and there is a 20-year difference between Becky and her oldest sister. She was an aunt two times before she was born and her nearest neighbors were five miles away. She loved the open spaces and the hard work ethic that was instilled in her by her family and being able to grow up on a farm. Becky graduated as a Brave from North Summit in Coalville, Utah. She was a cheerleader for three years, on the drill team her senior year, a member of the student council as the class historian, an attendant to the FFA and homecoming queens, and ran track as a 100m and 200m sprinter and a member of the 4X4 relay team. Her high school experience was great and one where she had the best of friends. She also received a scholarship to Weber State University but decided to attend Utah State University instead. Her post-high school academic career consisted of graduating from Utah State, but she actually had more undergraduate credits from Weber State. She also went to BYU-Hawaii for one semester and has also taken a few classes from the University of Utah. As you can see, she is a well-rounded Utah college student. Thurston’s work experience started on the farm, where her parents required her to work until she graduated from high school. But with her college involvement and living so far away from things at home, Becky began building on a variety jobs. They ranged from a waitress at the Chicken Inn in Wanship, dental assistant, retrieving gun serial numbers at the Browning Armory, Taco Time, food service banquets at Utah State, a brusher during the mink season, and then she began her teaching career at Morgan School District. She has been employed by Morgan School District for 28 years and over the years she has taught kindergarten or first grade. She is presently teaching first grade at Mountain Green Elementary and doing a wonderful job both in her classroom and as team leader for the first grade. When she is not in the classroom she loves to sing, garden, do crafts, home decorate and work outside. She always has some kind of project that she is working on. She also loves spending time with her family, visiting grandchildren who live out of state, going to sporting events, spending time in the mountains camping and four-wheeling, or camping and riding horses. Becky’s family consists of her husband of 31 years, Todd, who has assisted her in raising their two sons. Their oldest son McKennan is in his second year of residency as a family doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He and his wife Janel are raising Becky’s three precious grandchildren: Emma, George and Ada. Becky and Todd’s youngest son, Hayden, is finishing up a degree in athletic therapy at Weber State and will apply to physical therapy school when he graduates. They are a very close family only separated by miles, not by heart, mind or soul. The one thing that Becky indicated that nobody knows about her is that she can do a good baby pig impression, at least the sound that a baby pig makes. I am sure it would be exceptional, because everything that Becky Thurston does is always to the highest level of professionalism.

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