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Find Your Family – Preserving life’s precious moments


This week’s column is a little more personal than normal. During the holidays my family came together. I am the youngest of six children and all of us except one of my sisters met at my dad’s house one evening. We talked for a number of hours. We reminisced, complained about our health, and shared information about our families. It was a nice evening. Just after the holidays we moved my father into an assisted living center. It was a hard move for us and for him, but he can continue to be as independent as possible and yet have the support he needs as he enters another phase of life. The combination of health issues with my siblings and the move of my father started me thinking about how well I am doing at recording our family history. I am doing genealogical research and finding new ancestors and other family members. I have also been uploading photos and family stories written by my grandmother, mother, and others to FamilySearch so that other family members, my children, their children, etc. will have access to them. It seems like what I am missing however is the story of today. Recently the St George FamilySearch Library director posted a video on YouTube inviting center patrons to come in and experience a new service offered by the center. They are offering a free service to record a video history. He suggested that it would be a good thing to record current events. He suggested that the best time to record our feelings about getting married is just before and after the marriage. The best time to record our testimonies of sharing the gospel is just after our missions. The best time to record how we feel about the birth of the child or grandchild is when it happens. I agree. We are in a unique time. Technology has placed in our hands the ability to share with our descendants information about our thoughts and lives as they happen and then to preserve them for generations. Writing a journal is wonderful, but not everyone takes time to do it. As an alternative, consider taking just a few moments after significant events to record and upload them. Some family history centers offer this service now. The Riverton Center south of Salt Lake and the St George centers both have this capability. Soon, The Family History Library will. Our lives slip by so quickly and we move from our early years to high school, to marriage, to children, to grandchildren, to the sunset of our lives quickly. Let’s take some time to share what we have learned and experienced with those who follow behind us.

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