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Typically, gasoline prices move upward early in the year. This year motorists nationwide are enjoying relative steady prices and, in Utah’s case, seeing some relief at the pumps. Since 2010, Utah’s gasoline prices have increased from January 1 through February 11 posting a $0.17 increase in 2010, a $0.24 increase in 2011, a $0.16 increase in 2012 and a whopping $0.37 increase in 2013. Today, the average gas price in Utah has dropped $0.04 cents from the first of the year. Nationally, gasoline prices have generally followed the same trend. In 2010, the national average price dropped $0.01 cent from January 1 to February 11, but in 2011, the national price increased $0.06, in 2012, it increased $0.23, and in 2013 it increased $0.30 The average gasoline price in Utah today is $3.09 per gallon of regular gasoline. This is the same as yesterday and one week ago, $0.04 lower than last month’s AAA report on January 14, and $0.16 lower than a year ago. Not only did Utah’s price drop from the first of the year, Utah is posting some of the lowest prices in the country. Only Missouri, Montana and South Carolina have prices lower than Utah. All of the Utah cities tracked by AAA as a service to consumers reported decreases with the exception of Vernal where the price remained the same from last month’s AAA report. The lowest average price, $3.02, can be found in Ogden. Moab reported the highest average price, $3.27.

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