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Traders Apparel announces new Trendy Tuesdays


With the current economic climate, there has been a boom in the buying and selling of pre-owned items on facebook and classified pages. The new Traders Apparel store on Commercial Street facilitates this same concept in retail form. Although it has been open almost a year now, many residents still aren’t aware of what a great place this is to shop. Whether you are in search of affordable clothes for your kids who are just growing up too fast, or you have your eye set more on facilitating your own shoe obsession (yes, boys, this includes you), Traders can fill every wardrobe gap. As a thank you to their loyal patrons as well as an invitation to entice newcomers, Traders now offers Trendy Tuesdays. On this day, customers enjoy a buy one item, get one item of equal or lesser value half off discount. It is a great way to stock up on items your teenager simply must have. Shane Rappleye, store owner and local resident, originally opened the shop to give Morgan youth a place to work in a clean atmosphere and gain much-needed job skills. This philanthropic gesture has worked well for both Morgan youth and Rappleye. However, he needs local shoppers to help keep this dream alive. Because of the lack of job opportunities for adolescents in Morgan, Traders employs youth who are the cream of the crop. His employees are teens and adults who have incredible work ethic and customer service skills. Rappleye said, Keeping up with all the brands and latest trends is overwhelming, but my wife and our current employees excel in this department. Rappleye’s wife, Heather, comes in to lend a hand whenever possible but loves being a stay-at-home mom. This is the sixth business that Rappleye has owned. For the last 13 years he has operated Utah Gas Pipe, a business that installs underground and in-building gas lines for residential and commercial areas. I love having a business in Morgan. The community reaction has been great and I am hoping it grows, commented Rappleye. This family-owned business is a great addition to the ambiance of the old Front Street. They have updated and improved the fa̤ade of the building while keeping with the classy old-time feel. While their storefront has more of the old town charm, their website www.tradersapparel.com, has a modern edge. The website is clean and easy to navigate, even for those who are not so technically saavy. Stop by and check out their great prices and fabulous selection.

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