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Transportationcommittee focuseson student safety The Morgan County School District has formed a transportation committee to focus on student safety. The committee meets every three months. During their most recent meeting, the group discussed the installation of cross walk signs. Morgan City and Morgan County are expected to pay for the signs, which may be installed in March. Traffic is significantly heavier with the change of bus routes, School Board President Bruce Galbraith said. The signage will protect the youth. The committee’s next meeting is in March. If you have concerns with transportation, don’t hesitate to tell us, Galbraith said. Galbraith said a bridge over the Weber River would help alleviate some traffic congestion near the schools in Morgan City. For buses and cars, it would be another way out, Galbraith said. It would be very helpful in creating safety. School board to review all district policies In an effort to align all local policies with state law, the Morgan County School District will be reviewing all policies. Each month, policy review will be on the board of education’s agenda, allowing about three months for input and review. Superintendent Doug Jacobs said he would like to see policies published on the district web site so parents can review them as well. We are trying to get up to snuff on all our policies, School Board Chairman Bruce Galbraith said. We want the community involved as we go over all of our policies.

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