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Find Your Family – A New Favorite Family History Website


This last week I was part of the beta test for LDS Member access to MyHeritage, FindMyPast, and Ancestry. I set up free accounts. It was easy to do and the access to more experiences and records is great. Just after I set up the accounts I received a welcome email from MyHeritage. It was a nice email and invited me to do a few things on the site. I went back to the site and added a little more information to my tree. I liked the ease of adding information on MyHeritage and thought that their process of adding me as a new customer was good. Today, however, the real fun began. This morning as I was checking my email I noticed that MyHeritage said that they had smart matches. I was surprised! I had really only added my name and my parents name to the tree on MyHeritage. I will admit that I was skeptical that they could get good matches from only three names with no other vital data, not even birth dates. How wrong I was. When I went to the site they presented me with four other MyHeritage user trees that had my parents information in them. All were good matches. I know how hard it is to get correct matches with only a little data and that experience was incredibly impressive. I added both my parents birth dates and places from the other trees. The process was intuitive and really easy. It also sent notification to the other individuals who had added the trees so that they could see my information, if they so desire. Just after I had added the information to my parents the most amazing thing happened. Instantly MyHeritage told me that I had record matches. They presented me three matches. The first was from the Social Security Death index for my mother. It had her birth date, death date, and place. The second was from Billion Graves. They had a photo of my mother’s headstone in the Ogden City Cemetery with a transcription of the headstone. I added the burial place from that source. The third was a record source that showed the address my mother had lived at in 2001. I added the sources and information from each of these sources. It took me about five minutes. Wow, was all I could say. I completely understand why so many people use MyHeritage after this experience. It was incredible. The simplicity of their messages, the intuitive screens, and the easy way to add information and collaborate with others has made MyHeritage my new favorite genealogical website.

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