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Susan Duncan joins Morgan City as event coordinator


Morgan City has made a stride forward in coordinating community events. This move involved hiring a new event coordinator to work with the city council in not only making sure that big events are successful, but assisting in day-to-day operations as well. Susan Duncan joined the staff of Morgan City and couldn’t be more delighted. I come Cailfornia, but raised my family on a 1,000 acre farm in Burley, Idaho. I loved the farm life and cannot wait to get back to that country feel I left behind. Duncan’s husband, Rocky, is a retired farmer, but still goes back to Idaho in the fall to help friends during the harvest season. For years now, the couple has lived in St. George, where Duncan was an event planner for the city for years. Duncan also served for nine years as the lead superintendent for Cassia County fairgrounds in Burley. Every town I have been involved in becomes a part of me. I will miss St. George, but it was time for a change, commented Duncan. Her two daughters live near Morgan, so it made the move all the more compelling. Duncan loves spending time with her family more than anything, but also enjoys four-wheeling, movies and reading. Duncan says she feels somewhat like a pioneer in the newly created position. She said, The city council has some wonderful ideas and I can’t wait to help them achieve these goals. Duncan said it is always a good feeling when something comes together and inspires community pride. The sky is the limit with this community, she said. I want Morgan citizens to be involved with every aspect of these celebrations. Community involvement is the key to having that true home-town experience, and the business support here is fantastic. Keeping the character of Morgan and providing quality events is paramount to Duncan. She wants to make sure that even though Morgan may not have the biggest events, they always keep that family feel. I want people to feel like they are coming home, mused Duncan. Duncan has already started planning the 4th of July celebration and said there is always plenty of room for volunteers. Many hands make light work and we all know that the 4th of July is all about the lights Ò or fireworks to be more exact. If you are interested in volunteering, Duncan’s door is always open. She welcomes input from the community and hopes that everyone will feel comfortable coming to her with ideas. You can email Duncan at sduncan@qwestoffice.net or stop by the city offices anytime to say hello.

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