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Spelling bee champion announced


After a month of competitions and several weeks of studying, the Morgan Middle School Annual Spelling Bee culminated Friday, March 21 with 24 sixth to eight grade students going head to head for the title. The first round brought words such as automaton and butte, ending with 16 boys and girls left in the competition. As the words got harder, the students’ practice kept them in the game, correctly spelling concessionaire, camaraderie, and entourage. Overall five students were still left in the ninth round. In the 12th and final round, Breann Anderson and Peter Christenson faced off for the victory. After Christenson misspelled guild Anderson had to correctly spell it plus one other word for the win. Anderson was able to spell guild as well as the final word, diphtheria, to earn her the title of the 2014 MMS Spelling Bee champion. Congratulations to Breann and to all of the other students who competed!

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