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Holcim (US) Inc. hosts Sterling Scholar banquet


Cheryl Ovard SCN Editor andPhotographer The Sterling Scholar nominees from North Summit High School and Morgan High School were recognized and honored on March 24, 2014, at the ninth annual Sterling Scholar Recognition Banquet at the Spring Chicken Inn, Morgan. After each name was read, Holcim (US) Inc. Plant Manager David E. Fletcher presented them with a certificate, as well as a copy of the book by Sean Covey, The Habits of Highly Effective Teens as a token of appreciation and remembrance of this evening. Darrell Rupp, Rupp Enterprises, was the guest speaker, and entertained a few thoughts for the nominees to remember in their new journey of life after graduation. He spoke of the ups and downs that go along with trying to find their nitch in life and reaching and attaining the goal they set out to accomplish – which can be a challenge and not always go as planned. Learn to pick yourself up and go on! he said, relating words of experience and trials of his own. Following these words of advice, the 29 candidates, along with their parents or guardian, enjoyed their meal made possible by Holcim (US), Inc. Each individual Sterling Scholar nominee was then introduced and recognized in the field they will represent at the Sterling Scholar Competition on April 26 at Morgan High School. Comments were made by each of the school’s superintendents, Holmes of North Summit and Jacobs of Morgan. Words of thought and reaching goals were expressed by each of them. Holcim (US) Inc. also acknowledged with special thanks and a token of appreciation each of the advisors, Rhonda Butcher, Linda Morrison, Carol Pentz, and Darrell Rupp, for their work with each of the students. Students and parents also returned the thanks to Holcim (US) Inc. and Plant Manager Fletcher for the special evening. Special thanks to Kevin Ovard, environmental manager Holcim (US) Inc. The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all. The traditional photo was then taken with the Sterling Scholar nominees on the winding staircase as a remembrance of their special evening.

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