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2014 Sterling Scholars – Bryan Smith-Business Marketing Sterling Scholar


Bryan Smith is the son of Jeffery and Glenna Smith. Early on, even before his freshman year, Smith knew he wanted to be a Sterling Scholar. To fulfill this dream, he studied hard, kept his options open and made sure to communicate effectively with family, friends and teachers. Keeping his priorities straight was another big key to getting him to where he is now. Originally, Smith’s interest in the business field came from looking at those around him. After watching friends and family members succeed in business and seeing how their lives were being impacted, Smith decided to follow in their footsteps. He is preparing to do so by being involved in activities such as the Future Business Leaders of America. In FBLA, he has had many opportunities to dress, perform, meet and plan, which helps him on his path. To Smith, the opportunity of being a Sterling Scholar doesn’t end there. He shares, Being a Sterling Scholar doesn’t mean that I just checked off a box on the goal sheet of mine. To me it is an honor and blessing to be able to represent Morgan High School. It is an eye-opening experience to the mere realities of life. To me, it is also a fantastic learning opportunity. Since being named a Sterling Scholar, Smith has been involved with putting together a website to help a financially struggling Amish family in Ohio. While serving as student body president, he along with the other officers, worked to increase school spirit. Using the skills he has learned, Smith sought out sponsorship from local businesses by selling advertising space on t-shirts. In the end they were able to raise the money needed to give out 950 t-shirts to the students and faculty of MHS. In his free time Smith likes to play ping-pong, soccer, piano and ski. He loves helping others and being a genuine friend. He is an Eagle Scout and a hard worker. Whenever he is faced with a challenge, he enjoys hitting it head on. Smith is goal-oriented and self-motivated. After high school he plans on attending Brigham Young University Provo and then serving an LDS mission. Smith shares, I hope to contribute greatly to society and use my skills to help those in need.

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