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Bennett wins ÷The Best of the Best’ title at national rodeo finals


When Caleb Bennett sets goals, he doesn’t let anything get in his way from accomplishing them and recently he checked one more dream off the list. For the last three years, Bennett has had his sights on the Dodge Ram National Rodeo Finals Bareback Riding title and on April 12, he took a ride that would earn him this coveted title. The big event took place in Guthrie, Okla., at Lazy E Arena, where fans from around the country cheered for the Morgan resident. In addition to the first place bragging rights, Bennett took home a trophy saddle, prize belt buckle, $14,000 cash and a certificate for $20k towards the purchase of a new truck. This prestigious event with a big payout brings out the best of the best, Bennett explained. In order to even compete, a rider must qualify in his region by either winning the year-end or winning with the best average. He rightfully earned his chance to compete in the national event by qualifying as both the year-end winner, as well as the best average. He went into the national rodeo with confidence and ability, as well as experience. This is the second year he qualified and rode in the high-status rodeo. In an event interview, Bennett expressed, Wins like this just help a guy out throughout the rest of the year with their confidence, their pocketbook, he said. I want to be the best I can and as great as I can for my whole entire career. I hope this is a stepping stone in my wins, and I hope it continues to grow. The 25-year-old cowboy has been bareback riding professionally across the country for six years. After his recent win, he already has another goal in mind. Bennett dreams of having a world title and feels it may be possible as soon as this year. Bennett plans on competing in 70 to 80 rodeos between May and September to help qualify as one of the top 15 bareback riders who will compete at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December. He hopes to earn his world title at the NFR. If it doesn’t happen this year, he will continue to work towards it with the same determination that has made him successful in all of his endeavors. His rigorous schedule keeps him on the road a lot throughout the rodeo season. When he is home, he polishes his skills on a stationary simulator, which he typically works with three or four times a day. The simulator allows Bennett to focus on his style. Bennett travels with two other professional riders, one from Wyoming and the other from Oregon. This helps with driving and saving money on travel expenses. In the rodeo industry everyone becomes great friends, especially a cowboys’ partners. But when they step into the arena it is all business. They know that each person is focused on winning. When they get back in the car to head to the next event, they are back to fun and games. Congratulations, Caleb Bennett, on your recent win and good luck throughout the rodeo season!!!

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