Home School Elementary students get planetarium experience

Elementary students get planetarium experience


Morgan Elementary School first, second and third grade students enjoyed an in-house fieldtrip from GoPlanetarium on Friday, April 18. Each class went into an inflatable dome that was 22 feet in diameter to view the presentation. The programs that were presented covered several areas from the Utah State Core Curriculum. The first and second grade classes went to a show called Earth’s Wild Ride. The story is set on the surface of the moon in the year 2081. A family watches the moon’s shadow move across the earth. The grandfather tells about crashing asteroids, a roaring dinosaur, booming thunder, erupting volcanoes, and electrifying lightening. The third grade went to the program called Future Moon. This program honors the Apollo astronauts who landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. They learned about eclipses, the ice age, earth’s water cycle and the differences between the earth and the moon. Each presentation given was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

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